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How To Access

Dashboard → Purchase → Bulk Update

Dashboard → Inventory → Item → Bulk Update


In this page, you can fill your details in bulk entry to purchase in single entry with multiple variants by supplier name, reference number. Also you can create the existing product for purchase or you can create a new product with attributes (item variants).

Purchase Oder: Information to fill about the purchase order.

Supplier: The name of the supplier or company name in which the purchase made.

Date: Select the date of purchase.

PO Reference: Purchase order reference number.

Store or Warehouse: In which store the purchase made.

Order Status: Received /Pending/ Ordered status will display.

Purchase Order Tax: The tax will display, if your purchase order have any tax or you can add.

Order discount: The discount will display, if your purchase order have any discount or u can add.

Shipping cost: You can set your own shipping charge it will display for your purchase.

Discount: The discount for purchase item.

Purchase Tax Method: Inclusive /Exclusive the tax method for your purchase.

Purchase Item Tax: The tax method for each item purchase.

Product Custom Fields:

Product Custom field Group: This help to show about the product field in which you can select the product based on the category.

Size: Mention the size of that particular product, more over you can select the colour, type etc….

Add: You can add your own custom fields and the types.

New /Existing Product Information:

Auto Generate Barcode: If you select it will automatically generate your barcode for your purchase item.

Scan Your Existing Bar code: Scan your bar code to generate your purchase detail.

SKU: Fill your own SKU based on product name, to search or unique ID.

Product Name: Fill your product name to purchase.

Product Quantity: Fill the number of quantity you need.

Cost: Fill the purchase cost for single product.

Margin: Fill margin cost for profit.

MRP: It display the total amount.

Discount: The price has to discount for that particular item.

Special Price: The special price allot for all customer like offer, for certain period.

Special Start Date:  The special offer starting date.

Special End Date: The special offer ending date.

Category: The product belongs to which category.

Sub Category: In which sub category the product belongs to.

Tax: Inclusive /Exclusive the product tax.

Tax Method: The overall tax to be add if any.

Enable Batch for Purchase: Enable / Disable if the product have batch method, it help to change the price increase / decrease amount.

Barcode Type: It helps to set the barcode type.

Min. Alert Qty: If you set the quantity as minimum, it helps to alert once the quantity is low.

Product Expiry Date: You can set the expiry date, it helps to alert you.


Once you have add your purchase then it will be added in the list of table form, so that you can verify it as a glance with your SKU, barcode, product name, cost, price, quantity, tax method, special price and so on.

Create Product With Purchase: You can create your product with purchase.

Remove selected: You can select and remove the product from the list.

Create Product Only: You can create only the product not the purchase.


You can find the number of item and quantity, purchase total, discount, tax, order tax, discount, order discount, and grand total.

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