Selling a Gift Voucher

For versions:3.4.5 & Above
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To sell a Gift Voucher,

  • Go to the Cazura Sales Screen
  • Select Customer
  • Click ‘Gift Box’ icon in the Sales Screen, it shows pop window
  • Input gift voucher number, expiry date, voucher value(amount), selling price and choose customer
  • Gift Voucher added to Sales Screen
  • Click ‘Pay’ button – Pay using Cash, you can use the Quick Cash Payment Keys or type the cash amount into the amount field Click ‘enter’ button to complete the payment.

Pay with a Gift Voucher

For your customer to pay with gift vouchers they will need to follow the steps below:

  • Select the Customer
  • Add Product to the Sales Screen
  • Click ‘Pay’ button and Select the Gift Voucher Payment type
  • Quick Cash Payment Keys can be use to add amount into the amount field
    Input the gift voucher number
  • While input the customer’s gift voucher number, you can check a gift voucher total amount, balance amount and after purchase balance amount below the ‘Gift Voucher Number’ text field
  • Click ‘enter’ button to complete the payment.
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