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For versions:4.1
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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Promotion → Add Promotion


You will get details about the Inventory – Promotion made in single store or multiple location with different types of Promotion or offer type and get the detail about the promotion also you can create new promotion.

In this promotion you can see Item Percent Discount, Make a set of discount buy one or more item and get percent discount the item.


Offer Name: Type your offer name for Promotion Item Discount

Display Name: Enter the name to display on screen.

Start Date: Select the Start Date for the Promotion.

End Date: Select the End Date for the Promotion.

Location: Select the location in which the Promotion works.

Status: Make your status active for promotion.

Customer Group: Select the customer group to display the promotion.

Discount Type: Set the discount type for promotion

Offer Type: Set your offer type for discount type.

Apply For: Promotion apply for Register / Invoice.

Select the Promotion Type with simple & variant set of Item or simple & variant separate item. Set your offer type and get percent offer on the Item, buy one or more item and get percent discount of the same item. Search your item set percent offer on Item.

Add Promotion: Once you update click promotion

Reset: To reset or clear your data field.

Cancel: To Cancel the process.

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