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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Report → Non Stock Item


In this page, you will get details about the non stock item made in individual store or in all stores with item name, SKU, location, quantity. Also you can get the details about that particular item.

SKU : It display the SKU for the non stock item.

Item Name : It display the item name for non stock item.

Location : It shows the location in which the item non stock.

Quantity : It shows the quantity of the non stock item.

Search: Use the FIND search bar to search for existing inventory report. And also we can search by item name, SKU, location, quantity etc…

At the top left side of the page you will see the search bar:

Header Toolbar:

At the top right of the page you will see the toolbar:

Export Excel: Whole registered details export to excel sheet.

Export PDF:   Whole registered details export to PDF file.

Delete: Clear all of the field data  in the current screen.

Print: You can able to print your receipt

Basic: View your sales in basic mode.

Advance: Exact detail view of the sales.

Zoom: You can able to zoom your sales and check

Filter Bar:

It use to filter the category report, Filter the item name, SKU, location, quantity, item discount.

At the footer of the data page.

Page Navigation:  At the bottom right of the page you will see the page navigation

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