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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Item → Manage Item → New Item


Dashboard → Inventory → New Item


Cazura makes you to create simple and variant items which is more reliable, Set your own barcode with selected category and sub-category. Also include sales and purchase (Inclusive / Exclusive) along with buying and selling costs.

Cazura Provides Aditional Features

  • Item Image
  • Batch Product
  • Min Qty Alert
  • Manufacture


Product Name: You can create your own product name.

SKU (code): Create your own product code or SKU code.

Barcode: You can also scan the existing barcode or you can create your own barcode for new product.

Barcode Type: You can set your own barcode type.

Product Type: Whether the product is Standard / Service product.

Category: The product belongs to which category.

Sub Category: Whether the product have any sub category.

Min. Alert Qty: This help you to alert when the product is in low quantity.

Tax: Select your tax for the product.

Tax Method: Select your tax method inclusive / exclusive tax.

Buying Cost: The cost of product buying to the store.

Selling Price: The price given to the Customer from the store.

Item Unit: Select the sales unit as piece, Kilogram, Metre, Litre etc…

Purchase Unit: Select the purchase unit as piece, dozen etc…

Sales Unit: Select the sales unit as piece, dozen etc…

Editable: You can also edit the item based on quantity, unit and so on.

Enable Batch: Enable / Disable Whether the product is in batch or not.

Product Image: You can add the product image by upload it. And it will display.


  •  Make your item as bill of materials
  • You can add as finished item list

Save and Stay: You can save the product and stay in the same page.

Save and Close: You can save the product and close the page.

Save and New: You can save the product and open a new page.

Cancel: You can cancel the product which you add.

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