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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Config → Item Variant Configure


On this page, we can manage Item Variant (Attributes – eg. Sizes, Colors, Brands, and many more). Our Software support hundreds of combination (Attributes) Which mean you can create Attributes as required (Multi-levels).

ID : It generates a separate ID for Item variant configure.

Title : It shows the title of your Variant fields.

Type : It shows the type of the item variant field.

Required : It shows the required field Yes / No

Printable : It shows the printable field Yes / No

Billing : It shows the Billing field Yes / No

Menu : At the right end click the navigation icon it will show the variant config menus.

Edit : To edit the data of the Item variant group.

Delete : To erase the information.

Create New : To create new item variant configure.

Title : Set your title for the item variant field.

Type : Set your type for the item variant field.

Required : Set your required field Yes / No.

Printable : Set your printable field Yes / No.

Billing : Set your billing field Yes / No.

Custom Group: Customize your field group which displays on bulk update.

Textbox : Set your default value foe your text box.

Create Item Variant Fields : Click after update your variant fields.

Cancel : To cancel new item variant configure.

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Export Excel: Whole registered details export to excel sheet.

Export PDF:   Whole registered details export to PDF file.

Delete: Clear all of the field data in the current screen.

Print: You can able to print your receipt

Basic: View your sales in basic mode.

Advance: Exact detailed view of the sales.

Zoom: You can able to zoom in on your sales and check.

At the footer of the data page.

Page Navigation: At the bottom right of the page you will see the page navigation.

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