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Dashboard → Inventory → Config → Item Setting


In this page, you can manage your Inventory setting based on item tax, rack, item expiry, alert quantity, barcode made in individual store or in all stores with inventory setting. Also you can use the existing setting.

Item Tax : To set your tax Enable / Disable.

Racks : To set rack display item Enable / Disable.

Item Expiry : Set Enable / Disable to show if any of the items expiry.

Item Image Ratio Size (Width : Height): Set your item image width and height size.

Thumbnail Size (Width : Height) : Set your thumbnail width and height for point of sales view

Notes or Serial Title : Set title for your notes.

Barcode : Set barcode enable / disable.

Alert Quantity : To alert low quantity enable / disable.

Barcode Type : To set different type of barcode enable / disable.

Batch : To set batch product enable / disable.

Additional Barcode : To add new barcode for same item enable/disable.

Item Variant : To add variant item set enable/disable.

Item Gallery : To set item gallery to enable/disable.

Item Detail for Invoice : Item detail invoice view enable / Disable.

Item Detail for Internal : To set item detail on item view enable/disable

Default Print Label : To set default print label in different column.

Update Setting : Click after update your setting.

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