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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Item → Import


In this page, You can see sample data template for import / export by CSV sample files. For adding new item you can create through CSV file. You can download Sample CSV file by click ‘Sample CSV file’ button.

Then, You can import new items by importing CSV file by click ‘Import’ button. [Just Browse your file and click import button]. There you can add new item in your inventory.

Details : 

Barcode : Add your barcode as you want. If not you can leave it empty, it will automatically generate.

Code*: it is know as SKU in item. You can enter both number and letters.[Compulsory]

Name* : Name of items.[Compulsory]

Buying_cost : Set Buying cost of items.[Compulsory]

Selling_cost : Set Selling cost of items.[Compulsory]

Batch : Set Yes / No for batch item.

Type : Set Standard / Service types for items.[Compulsory]

Category : Set Category for items.[Compulsory]

Subcategory : Set Subcategory for items.

Alert_quantity : Set Alert quantity limit for items.

Tax : Set Sales taxes for items.

Tax Type : Set Sales tax [Inclusive / Exclusive] types for items.

Purchase_item_tax : Set Purchase taxes for items.

Purchase_tax_type: Set Purchase tax [Inclusive / Exclusive] types for items.

Barcode_type : Set Barcode types for item barcode.

Sale_filter : Set Allow / Not allow items to sales.

Pos_filter : Set Allow / Not allow items to Retail sale.

Purchase_filter : Set Allow / Not allow to purchase.

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