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How To Access

Dashboard → Point of Sales → Report → Hourly Sales Item


You will get details about the POS Report – Hourly Sales Item made in individual store or in all stores with Barcode, SKU, Item, Item Variant , Quantity and get the timing detail about the sales. Also you can search the particular sales.

Top of Hourly Sales Item page you can find a filter and you can customized page filter as you required.

You can find important features in Cazura. some of the features below

Barcode: It shows the Item barcode in report.

SKU: It shows the particular Item SKU of each item.

Item: It shows the name of the Item.

Item Variant: It show the name of the item variant.

Quantity: It shows the number of quantity of that particular item.

Time: It show the time of that particular sales item.

Search: Use the FIND search bar to search for existing Hourly Sales Item report. The best way to do this is via the Reference number, And also we can search by  Barcode, Item, Item Variant etc,…

At the top left side of the page you will see the search bar:

Filter Bar:

It use of filter the date of Hourly Sales Item , Filter the reference number, Suppliers and name of the customers.

At the footer of the data page.

Page Navigation:  At the bottom right of the page you will see the page navigation

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