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How To Access

Dashboard → Setting → General Setting.


Config your general setting, Cazura provides more features such as updating store logo, set default currency, Customer Group, Date and Time Format, Default Location, and many more. It’s a basic feature to run multiple stores in a different locations.

Logo: Update your company logo. It shows on the site.

Update Setting: Once you change your logo click the update setting.

Default Currency: Set your default currency for sales.

Default Customer Group: Set your default customer group for sales.

English: Set your language.

Date Format: Set the default date format.

Time zone: Set default time zone.

Default Location: Set your default location for sales

Rounding: Set default Enable / Disable for rounding value.

Update Setting: Once you update your setting click update setting.

Appraise : Set default Enable / Disable appraise setting.

Update Setting : Once you update your setting click update setting.

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