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How To Access

Dashboard → Purchase → Report → Daily Purchase


You will get details about the Purchase report – Daily Purchase in individual store or in all stores with item discount, order discount, shipping cost, tax, order tax. Also you can view the total and grand total.

You can find important features in Cazura. some of the features below

Item Discount: Total discount for the purchase on that particular day will display.

Order Discount: Order discount for all products based on daily purchase.

Shipping Cost: Over all shipping cost based on daily purchase.

Tax: Over all tax value for daily purchase.

Tax Order: Order tax for over all purchase.

Total: Total value only for the purchase.

Grand Total: Total value of purchase include discount and tax method.

Header Toolbar:

At the top right of the page you will see the toolbar:

PDF Download: To download the daily sales PDF

At the header of the data page.

Page Navigation:  At the top right and left of the page you will see the page navigation.

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