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How To Access

Dashboard → Invoicing → Estimation → Create New Estimation


You can add new Estimation in individual store or in different location with customer name, reference no, biller and sale status. Also you can edit or delete the existing data in manage estimation.

You can find important features in Cazura. some of the features below

Customer : Select the customer name or you can add the new customer for new estimation.

Date : Create date for new estimation.

Reference No : Estimation reference number. A simple way to identify a Estimation order, by providing it with a unique reference number.

Status : (Pending/Sent) The quotation  status.

Store : Select your store branch.

Biller : Select your biller.

Order Tax : Choose the applicable tax rate from the drop-down list.

Discount : Apply discount amount for estimation order.

Add Product To Estimate : You can search the product to add for estimation.

Product List : It shows the list of product items in this estimation order.

Product Name: The product name will be displayed.

Buying Cost: The cost price of the product’s you are ordering.

Selling Price: Single product item cost, this price is for customer.

Quantity: Edit the quantity value of the stock you need for estimation.

Serial Number: You can set the serial number for the estimation products.

Discount: Item discount for the estimation products.

Tax: Choose the applicable tax rate from the drop-down list.

Subtotal: Quantity X Buying Cost = Total Cost. And also it calculates the item discount and tax.

Notes: Description about the new estimation.

Attachments: Attach the related documents for the estimation.

Shipping Cost: Apply Shipping Cost for estimation.

Header Toolbar:

At the bottom of the page you will see the toolbar:

Create: Create new estimation.

Reset: To clear all the data field in the current screen.

Cancel: Leave the purchase page without saving any modifications you may have made.

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