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For versions:3.6 & Above
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If you like the idea of printing receipts automatically, but don’t love Firefox print dialog box that pops up after a transaction, good news! There is a way to bypass this setting, but it will take a little bit of configuration.




This option is best if you only have a single printer connected to the computer you are working on. If you are regularly switching between printers at a station, having that dialog box pop up every time is likely a better option, so we would highly recommend NOT doing this with multiple printers connected.


If you need to change it back so that the print dialog box does come up, repeat the first step below, find ‘print.always_print_silent’ in the list, right-click on it and click Toggle to change it to False (off).

Instructions :

Open Firefox and type ‘about:config‘ in the address bar and press enter.  Click to confirm that you will be careful.


Right click on the page, hover over ‘New’ and click on ‘Boolean’.


Type ‘print.always_print_silent‘ as the preference name and click ‘OK’.


Click on ‘true’ and click ‘OK’.

That’s it, the print dialog boxes will no longer pop up for you!


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