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How To Access

Dashboard → Inventory → Stock Maintenance → Adjust Stock


Cazura provides stock adjustment for inventory, You can adjust stock if any of the items are Damaged, Missing, or Expired. This shows the exact inventory count based on location and also the purchase order for references. To show in which purchase the item is damaged.

Date: Stock adjustment date and time

Reference No: It shows the stock adjustment reference number.

Location: It shows in which location the adjustment was made.

Created By: It shows who created the adjustment stock.

Details: It displays the details about the stock adjustment.

Menu: At the right end click the navigation icon it will show the purchase menus.

View: To view and check the stock adjustment.

Edit: To edit the stock adjustment.

Log: It shows who edited the exact data.

Delete: You can able to delete the stock adjustment.

At the top left side of the page you will see the search bar:

Search: Use the FIND search bar to search for inventory adjustment. The best way to do this is via the reference number, location And also we can search fields like date, created by, etc…

Export Excel: Whole registered details export to excel sheet.

Export PDF: Whole registered details export to PDF file.

Delete: Clear all of the field data in the current screen.

Print: You can able to print your receipt

Basic: View your sales in basic mode.

Advance: Exact detailed view of the sales.

Zoom: You can able to zoom your sales and check

Header Toolbar:

At the top right of the page you will see the toolbar:

Add Inventory Adjustment: To add new inventory adjustment.

Help: If you need any help.

Reference No: Type your own reference number or automatically generated it.

Location: Select the location in which you want to make the stock adjustment.

Add Items: Search and add items to make stock adjustments.

Adjust Quantity: Once you finish it click adjust quantity.

Reset: To clear the data of stock adjustment click reset.

Cancel: To cancel the stock adjustment.

Filter Bar :

It uses of filter the date of adjustment, Filter the reference number, Location and Created By.

At the footer of the data page.

Page Navigation: At the bottom right of the page you will see the page navigation.


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