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For versions:3.4.5 & Above
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How To Access

Dashboard → Invoicing → New Invoice


Here you can create new sales with all related information like customers name, sales date, reference number, store, single or bulk of products, etc.


Customer: Name of the customers.

To Add New Customers: Register the new customers.

Date: Date of the sales.

Reference No: Sales reference number. A simple way to identify a sales order, by supplying it with a unique reference number.

Sale Status: (Completed/Pending) the sales status.

Store Name: Name of the store which sold product.

Payment Status:(Paid/Partial/due/Pending) The sales  status.

Order Tax: Tax of the sales product.

Order Discount: Discount of selling products.

Shipping Cost: Charge for shipping the products.

Supplier: The name of the supplier you are purchasing from.

Attachment: Sales reference invoice or manual sales invoice.

Product list: It listed a product which was selected for sale

Product Name: It shows name of product and other related details of item, which like bar code number and stock keeping unit(SKU).

Net Unit:  It shows the price of the product per piece.

Quantity: Its indicate the quantity of selling product.

Additional Notes: Means any notes issued under this Indenture in addition to the Original Notes.

Discount: Its mentioned any discount for selling products.

Tax: Taxes for selling products.

Subtotal: Overall  value for selling products includes all quantities.

Delete: Delete the selected products.

Add Products to Sale: This search bar is used to add product to the sale item list

At the top right side of the page you will see the search bar.

Gift Voucher:  A voucher given as a present which is exchangeable for goods.

Gift Voucher No: Its sixteen digit number refer the gift voucher.

Voucher Value: Amount of voucher value.

Price: Amount of product value.

Expiry Date: expiry date is a previously determined date after which something should no longer be used.

Select Customer: Choose the customers for vouchers.

Dismiss: Cancel the process.

Gift Voucher: Applying the gift voucher.

Notes Area:

Sales Note: Adding related notes depends on sales.

Staff Notes:  Any notes remarked by staff on products.

Payment Due by Alert: Its indicate the any payment due pending by customers.

Footer Toolbar:

Add New Sale: Registering new sale.

Reset: Reset the whole page process.

Cancel: Cancel the function.

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